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A nostalgic fine art print collection, which is retrospectively presented as original oil paintings. "With all of my paintings I've tried to tell an instantly recognisable, but important story. My aim is to transport the viewer to that time and place, complete with accurate detail. I also try to capture scenes with no pictorial records." - Kevin Austin

Hand signed by artist. Size A3.

P01 - Let Me Take You Down to . . . Strawberry Field . . . Impressions.
Perhaps an abstract meditation on the reasoning behind the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. In a strawberry dusk, a figure, John maybe, has crept through the audacious, ornate gates and escaped into a tree-limb symbolic fantasy in the grounds of Strawberry Field children’s home. Nothing, even the undeniable, unflinching existence of the children’s home, with its one welcoming light, is real.

P02 - ’Cos I’m Going to . . . Strawberry Field . . . An Autumnal Vision
A young John is wondering how to get into the wonderland in front of him, the grounds of Strawberry Field. He ponders as he leans inquisitively on the wall across the road to conquer new territory. He will tell his friends Pete, Ivan and Nigel about this new playground, where there are trees to climb and dens to be built and perhaps do battle like Swallows and Amazons.

P03 - Homecoming
A weary end to a long trip, 1948. Not to Hamburg, not to India to see the Maharishi, but back in John’s eight-year-old Liverpool, to his Aunt Mimi’s house, Mendips, light years from the Somerset Hills, on Menlove Avenue, Woolton. On a Crosville bus. Top deck and front seat, of course. Across the road with its tram wire posts and atmospheric lamps, Streamliner and Baby Grand trams trundle and rock and roll to somewhere called Penny Lane, but John’s not going there, not just yet. The car in front of their bus has a familiar number plate. A cat contemplates calling at Mimi’s warmly lit house while dogs scurry home next door. A real homecoming.

P04 - Strawberry Field . . . Nature’s Playground
It’s 1952 and the home is closed for the night as the summer sky settles down while John and friends Ivan and Pete play with all the creatures of the night.

P05 - Strawberry Field Summer Fete, 1950
John’s Aunt Mimi knows that as soon as John hears the brass band, there will be an irresistible tug at her elbow and he will be begging to be taken up to the fete at Strawberry Field, and she’ll be going too. It’s 1950 and sure enough, there they are, just as the Salvation Army band strikes up again to open the children’s home summer fete. Out of the corner of his excited eyes, John sees a muddle of giggling kids stumbling, flopping and rolling past him in a sack race, to the joy and pride of doting parents. A crocodile of very young ladies comes into view being led into the new decade full of promise by an enthusiastic officer from the Home, all of them full of the joys of summer and ‘All We Need is Love’. On the strawberry ripple-decorated stalls, John sees even the shyest kids throwing at coconuts. He can’t wait to thumb his way through those Eagle annuals, and the Beanos on the table next to the cakes and squash. Meanwhile, Mimi watches her world from before the war being recreated; John listens to the music and wonders what it’s like to be in a band. ‘Mimi’, perhaps he says, ‘is that the Marsellaise?’ And all the while the benevolent face of the children’s home, huge in size and inspiration to John in those days, watches over the dawn of his post war renaissance.

P06 - The Journey
John’s twelve now. Again he stares at Strawberry Field children’s home a hive of activity this time. It’s been raining and a middle-aged couple in the seats in front of him, who have been past a thousand times, don’t give it a glance. John watches eagerly through the bus window as two Sally Ann soldier ladies escort two yellow-raincoated children back to their adopted home, as a cat contemplates entering what are bound to be good mousing grounds where little children play. The gardens are a ‘little bare’, at the moment, but one day John will plant them with rich fruit.

P07 - Strawberry Field A Composite Of All 6 Prints
The children’s home which set the inspiration for The Beatles’ song. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Drawn from John Lennon’s early life playing in the grounds of Strawberry Field, Liverpool 25.

Liverpool is the Hometown of Artist Kevin Austin who grew up at the same time as the Beatles and lived in the same area during the early years of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

In the artists words…My Artwork… It’s about my Passion.

From age 3 as an only child, I always had a pencil in my hand drawing anything which caught my attention… people, cars, buildings, animals.

I feel privileged to have lived in that period and especially living in the same area as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, where we used to hang out in many of the same places and travelling on the same buses and trams. With a number of my paintings I’ve tried to interpret perhaps the thoughts of a young John Lennon living and playing with his friends which were so very similar to my own playing in grounds of the many huge houses in Liverpool as with Strawberry Field Children’s Home.

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