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Presented with beautiful Strawberry Field Branded luxury box and gift bag, with gold wrapping paper. Complete with certificate including numbered hologram sticker. Black ink.

No One I Think Is In My Tree Handcrafted Pen…

This beautiful handmade gift is produced by one of our trainees, Peter Lavin who is currently being supported into work on our Steps at Strawberry Field programme. A creative talent that cannot go unnoticed through his work and love of carpentry and wood. Steps at Strawberry Field supports people with barriers to employment find their passions and strengths for the workplace.

A unique piece of Strawberry Field - hand-made in garden shed workshop at home, with loving care and attention to detail. This sycamore wood is naturally sourced from our very own Strawberry Field Gardens and will contain inherent variations for a unique style. Sycamores can live up to 600 years old.

This bespoke pen is a unique piece of local history

Peter joined our Steps at Strawberry Field programme, which empowers young people with barriers to employment to meet their goals, with one request - to get paid for doing what he loved. Peter is a born carpenter and his passion for woodwork was evident as soon as he started his training.
The team at Strawberry Field came up with an inventive way to make this happen and the opportunity for Peter to be recognised as the craftsman he is. Peter has now become a supplier to our shop, creating these limited edition wooden pens.
In Peters own words; 

"I got interested in carpentry when my dad showed me how to use a saw, the concept of making thing not just from wood but metal interested me, working with scraps and repurposing otherwise useless items felt better than throwing things away.

I enjoy it because the tools and what I can do with them never gets boring and the ability to make things that get used and last a long time is immensely satisfying.
The pens are made by selecting un-rotted, un-damaged and un-diseased sycamore cuts from the tree. The ends are cut off foot long logs and stood vertically until the moister meter (a tool) says they are dry enough to use. The wood is cut into two inch segments with a reciprocating saw then cut into 30mm by 50mm segments, then using a pillar drill a 7mm hole is drilled through the segments and a rough brass pipe is glued into them. When dry the corners are belt sanded and the wood is made flush with the pipes. Then put onto a mandrel and that is inserted into a lathe and they are shaped, smoothed and sanded and a friction polish is applied the metal components are forced in with a bench vice.

Sycamore, Scientific Name: Acer pseudoplatanus in the Janka Hardness it has a rating of 770 lbf (3,430 N) making it a soft hardwood. they usually reach 10 -12 meters in hight and live to be 600 years old"


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