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LIMITED EDITION Compilation Print Hand Signed by the Quarrymen.

HAND SIGNED from the original members Colin Hanton, Len Garry, Rod Davies, and photographer Charles Roberts

The FIRST EVER DOCUMENTED PERFORMANCE of John and his Quarrymen playing live at Rosebery Street, and the FIRST EVER PHOTOGRAPHS of the event were taken by me, Charles Roberts.

"our first appearance was in Rosebery Street - they had this party out in the street. We played at parties after that; perhaps got a few bob, but mostly we just played for fun. We didnt mind about not being paid!.” John Lennon, 1967 Anthology

“I was a teenage friend of John and the Quarrymen when I booked them for their first ever documented appearance. At the time it was just a fun day with my pals, and I never realized how momentous my photos would become. Being the first ever, they are treated as iconic by Beatle fans everywhere and are of great historic importance.” Charles Roberts

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